Lights Down Productions is back with the second series of their new writing showcase. 

The Light On Showcase was created during lockdown to give female writers the chance to try out new work. Each piece is also directed by a female creative and was rehearsed and recorded via Zoom. 

The showcase premiered online on Friday 21st May and will now be available throughout this week.

We are offering the whole series here, on Youtube and on Scenesaver and are asking for donations to our Paypal that will be split with all creatives on board. These donations are pay what you can but if you donate £5 or more we will send you the post show Q&A with many of the creatives to hear of the making of the series.

A daughter rings her mother for help after her dog swallows the keys to her flat.


Performed by Claire-Monique Martin and Julie Binysh 

Directed by Verônica Sarno

A story of two sisters bonding over their daily video calls during the lockdown.


Performed by Naomi Bowman and Claire Louise Amias 

Directed by Lisa Millar 

Coming on Tuesday 13th July:

Hattie McDaniels was the first African American to win an Oscar for the role of Mammy in Gone With The Wind. Hear her talk of the battles she fought to get there and her life after this took place.


Written and Directed by Beverly Andrews 

Performed by Denise Orita

Emilia and Ellen are the first two in their mother and baby group to give birth during lockdown.

Performed by Rebekah Austin and Kirsty Rice 

Directed by Grace O'Keefe 

Coming on Wednesday 14th July:

Megan is doing a talk online about her experience of living with OCD. 


Notes: This piece was based on the writers experience of living with OCD and the piece mentions compulsions and grief.

Performed by Bethan Leyshon 

Directed by Claire Dunlop

Many of us may have had job interviews over lockdown over Zoom, but none like this! 


Performed by Sinead Ward and Melanie Crossey 

Directed by Alex Pearson 

Coming on Thursday 15th July:

Her (R)age is about protest, ageing and invisibility as a superpower.

Notes: This piece makes a reference to a bomb.


Performed by Shereener Browne 

Directed by Kayla Feldman

A cleaner is laid off by her employer, who works for the government, during the lockdown.


Performed by Julia Papp 

Directed by Bernadette Moran 

Coming on Friday 16th July:

'A Mothering Sunday' explores a mother's enduring love for her child, even when that child becomes an adult who doesn't show that love back.

Performed by Geraldine Brennan and Graham O'Mara 

Directed by Alice Kornitzer

Becca has just won the Oscar for Best Actress, her acceptance speech may end up going viral. 


Performed by Emma Hickey 

Directed by Ruth Mestel 




You watch Series 1 of the Light On Showcase here