Dead Positive by Hannah Kennedy will be coming to VAULT Festival 2022 and we are looking for the roles below in our team. Click on the role and you will be taken to the Google Form that has all the details on the specific role and where you can  apply.


At Lights Down Production we want to readdress the gender imbalance in the industry so are seeking submissions from female and marginalised genders (Trans/Non-Binary) for this production.


- Stage Manager/Lighting Designer

- Set and Costume Designer

- Sound Designer

- Intimacy Director


Amy - 40 - 45, Female. Funeral director who runs the home with her younger sister Sam. Despite the fact the uniform is black she likes to be as glamorous as she can be and she particuarly enjoys donning a top hat and cane and leading a funeral procession. She enjoys her job and believes people should see behind the curtains of the death industry to get a better understanding of after death care so they will be more open about having conversations around death.

Sam: 30 - 35, Female. Works as an embalmer in the funeral home. She is a very internal person who is set in her ways. She enjoys her work and takes pride in it but prefers to keep the mystery of what she does in her work but when Maddie joins the team she begins to open up as she teaches her about various embalming methods.

Maddie: 20 - 25, Female. A bright eyed ex-crematorium engineer who has decided to pursue a new career in body preparations. She is inquistive and upbeat and fascinated by the different opinions of the two sisters when it comes to their work and after death care.


The deadline to apply is 14th December at 7pm.