We were bringing the world premiere of DEAD POSTIVE by Hannah Kennedy to VAULT Festival in March 2022 which was sadly cancelled. We are currently working on the next steps for the project and any news will be posted here.

Director: Chloe Cattin

Assistant Producer: Anna T Stenberg

Image by Kei-Ella Loewe

Dead Positive is inspired by the death positivity movement which encourages people to have open conversations about everything surrounding death from embalming to wills. The play tells the story of three women who work as death professionals: a 43 year old funeral director, a 30 year old embalmer and a 23 year old ex-crematorium engineer who has decided to pursue a new career in body preparations. The three of them face hurdles they must navigate when approaching and dealing with their own mortality and how their work affects their personal lives. 

Little Boxes Poster Manchester.jpg



We're co-producing 'Little Boxes' with AlphaMum Productions that we brought to 53Two in Manchester in November and we are looking to tour the production in 2022.

Little Boxes follows Joann Condon (Little Britain, Dad’s Army the Lost Episodes), as she explores the boxes she has “found herself in” throughout her life:  The hopes and dreams of a child, the frustrations of an acting career, the tensions of being a parent, the grief in losing loved ones, the fear of being...herself.

Described as “funny, touching and at times heartbreaking,” by London Pub Theatres, Joann uses personal anecdotes to highlight assumptions and judgements made about her based-on looks, age, gender and background.  This phenomenon of classifying people is called ‘social categorization’ by psychologists, and most of us can relate to these experiences.

If you'd like to view our Tour Pack to consider programming the play, get in touch here