Lights Down Productions was founded by Caley Powell in 2018 and we produce female led new writing,

particularly sharing under represented stories.


We've produced plays sharing a childfree by choice women's stories,  looking at women in war, exploring a female particle physicists relationship with a swing dancing nurse and produced a new writing showcase called the Light On Showcase that showcased stories such as a date going wrong, a truck driver describing an odd experience whilst driving, a couple planning a digital wedding and an Englishman and an American swapping citizenship. 

The second series of the Light On Showcase was released on Friday 21st May 2021 where we showcased stories such as ranging from topics such as  a cleaner working for a government official during the lockdown, a piece looking at Hattie McDaniel, the first African American to win an Oscar,  a daughter ringing her Mam for help after her dog swallows her keys and a piece exploring a relationship between two sisters during lockdown. We wanted to celebrate how far we've come and the resilience and connections we've found during lockdown by premiering 10 new pieces by female writers. 

We have worked with many amazing female creatives, to find out more, please check out our Spotlight On section of our website. 

As well as producing Caley is also a playwright and her piece 'The Competition' was written as part of the first series of our Light On Showcase and was based on her wedding being affected by the coronavirus lockdown and it was released on what should have been her wedding day. For the second series Caley wrote a monologue about her experience with OCD, called 'I Wish I was Clean'. Caley also wrote a monologue 'Yikes!' about a childfree by choice women waiting on the birth of her new nephew which was part of Skin and Blister Theatre scratch night. She is currently writing her first full length play, 'Loop',  a one woman gig theatre piece.

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